Students speak about PW 3


J LaboyPower writing is an experience good for the damaged soul. Relief of the good kind is found here. But it is fun and expressive, giving you something productive to do in the morning. Freedom of expression and good riddance to oppression.


B SmithPower Writers is an empowered group where your life flows off the page, where love is only the beginning of a new start. It’s a place where your mind is a flowing river and it can be unblocked with the support of the fellow power writers, like salmon swimming upstream.


B FernandezSimply put, Power Writers is one of the most unique learning experiences in the world. The respect and understanding levels in Power Writing are a comfort and gives me a family-like high. I can’t help but call Power Writers my second family. It is one of the only sources of information that legitimately educates me outside of my own research and writing practice.


S QuinonesPower Writers is a safe space for all types of people. We aren’t looked at as just students, we are looked at as individuals. We are being educated through the arts and literature. Power Writing can be therapy for some. You learn how to express yourself in a productive and safe way. You learn culture while being here. You learn about all of these amazing people. In Power Writers we are more than a class. We are family.


J AyalaPower Writing will forever be engraved in my heart as a figure of what true love is. Walking in there and being challenged to reflect upon and write out our own experiences was probably one of the most difficult things I’d ever had to do. I’d written poetry in elementary school and even performed in a competition, but. . .there was something holy in what was being done in this group. I went from being a timid, jittery wreck to someone who’d gained confidence in his opinions, much like my peers. Power Writing, is like reconnecting and strengthening the bond that binds you to your soul. It reinforces all your strengths, by letting us vent about our weaknesses. There were times when I saw it as more of a therapy session, than an actual class.


S DiazPower Writers is a place for you to be yourself and express your feelings. I love to hear wonderful poetry. What I enjoy about this class is that we read various articles to boost our vocabulary and learn new things about the world. What keeps me coming back to Power Writers is the friendly, wonderful teachers and the feeling of comfort I feel when I walk in the room.

BEA TONY-JEAN/co-teacher/mentor

B Tony-JeanWhat keeps me coming back to Power Writing?
It is the opportunity to be a mentor and embody encouragement to high school students.
It is an opportunity to write about my life and the problems I face.
It is a chance to learn about the challenges that face young people from the Bronx and places like it, some that are familiar and some that are not.
I will always remember being comforted by the students after reading a poem about losing my grandmother. These kids have experienced loss on so many more tragic levels; losing a sister to a drive-by shooter, losing a parent to drug addiction, losing a boyfriend to prison. Still, my pain was felt and shared and respected.
The love in this room keeps me coming back.


Once a week I am a Power Writer. I sit in a circle and listen to talented students read their poetry. Although I shake when I read my own poetry at the thought of expressing myself, I read it anyway. It is a liberating experience because I am comforted by the notion of being on a room full of people who want to listen to what I have to say without being judgmental. I enjoy being allowed to look into people’s lives and understanding their deepest thoughts. I also enjoy being around teachers who truly care enough about their students to become familiar with them.


Power Writing is a form of exquisite art that describes not only emotions, yet the thought process of an individual through the use of literature from the background and heart of he or she. While it is a place to rejoice that is non-judgmental that a person can attend for hope and advice, to help give then motivation for future determination to obtain success.