Students speak about PW 2


I IngramIf I wanted to be simple I could just say, “Power Writing is very powerful”, but that’s not even brushing the top of what Power Writing is for me, barely scraping the air. Power Writing doesn’t just have one meaning. Power Writing is family, love and hate. Power Writing is listening and learning that you are not the only one in this world who feels as you do. Power Writing is rebelling and going around the rules to be creative. There are no rules in the notebooks of our writing. Power Writing is life. Power Writing is all the things that public and private school can’t teach you. Power Writing is learning how to fight constructively with your words. Power Writing is breaking down all the stereotypes we grew up with because we, from the South Bronx, can write. Power Writing is my life.


Power Writing to me is freedom of speech. What Power Writing truly means to me is a family full of talented people that have the power and the freedom to write their own life stories on paper. We have the chance to express ourselves with all the freedom in the world. I finally found a place where I can be me and show my passion for writing.


Power Writers is a place of freedom. In a small group in the Bronx, with powerful words being shared in a small circle, impacting each and every one of us. Young people voicing their opinions.


What is Power Writing? Answer: Power Writing is an open space where you can share your true emotions in poetry or a story. Power Writing for me is my getaway to really be truthful and open to myself.


R ReyesPower Writing equals therapy, family, enlightenment and knowledge. Since I have first gotten into the circle I’ve found in my teachers my first father figure, a second mom and an uncle to guide me through to the right path. I went from writing in hysteria and anger all the time to being mellow and positive about life. Some people hear “Power Writers” and they think of sissy poets, but they have no idea. Putting words on paper healed and shut most of my open sores. Poetry altogether taught me how to love and enjoy the air I’ve been breathing. Power Writing means the world to me no matter how cliché and blasé that might sound. You cannot replace a place that is not a family by blood, but is a family of the heart.


L MotaWhat Power Writing is to me? Power Writing is my soul. It is a bomb that is ready for explosion. It is my second family away from home. It is my diary, a diary where I don’t have to write Dear Diary at the top of the paper. It is a beginning to my beginning. It is my voice. It is my pencil and paper. It is the starting of my life, the color in my life. It is my newspaper. It is my freedom and the most important part is a puzzle that everyone is a piece of.


M MartinezWell, I’ve been here for a while and during my time here I got more control of my stuttering. I have become more open to others and I know who to trust. Also I can be confident in who I am. My articulation and my English writing have gotten better.


I always come back to Power Writing because it’s a nice place to chill out and be myself. I originally started coming because of the free food, but then I started listening to what people in here talk about and now I always come back to hear people’s stories and have deep conversations. It’s better than sitting in a regular classroom.

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