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Writing in Rhythm by Maisha T. Fisher“WRITING IN RHYTHM”, Written by Dr. Maisha Fisher-Winn,
published by Teacher’s College Press, 2007, is a study of Power Writing as an alternative literacy acquisition model.

“Prepare to rethink the role of popular youth culture in the classroom. This work demonstrates some of the most respected theories of learning put into action through the roles and rules of young people’s poetry. We leave this work alive and alert to ways that youth culture can transcend generations, everyday identities, and life disruptions.”
-Shirley Brice Heath, Professor at Large, Brown University

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“REBEL VOICES FROM THE HEIGHTS”, anthology of Power Writers student work

Rebel Voices from the Heights

“TO BE HEARD”, the award winning feature documentary

To Be Heard - The DocumentaryCo-Directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Deborah Shafer, Eddie Martinez and Power Writers founders, Roland Legiardi-Laura and Amy Sultan. The film chronicles the lives of the Power Writers of University Heights in the South Bronx.

“To Be Heard” is one of the best documentaries of the year. The film offers more substantive insights into pressing issues of public education and urban poverty than many political commentators muster in a career. Situations are presented in all of their messy detail. While the psychological toll of systemic racism and pervasive financial hardship is dramatized in powerfully human terms, the film refuses to elide less readily sympathetic problems, like drug use, single-parent households and domestic abuse. “To Be Heard” contains and invites passionate debate. As one teacher remarks about a troubled student, “There is no facile solution.”
By Paul Brunick, New York Times, October 11, 2011
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