2012 Year End Letter

Dear Friends, The Power Writers program is in the middle of its 11th successful year teaching the power of literacy to more that 1,000 underserved youngsters in New York. Our students desperately need the skills we offer as they struggle to overcome the enormous gaps in their education and face an increasingly challenging future. As […]

Power Poetry Begins in To Be Heard

Publish January 3rd, 2012 at Beyond the Box View full article here » Flagged as “one of the best documentaries of the year,” by The New York Times, To Be Heard is a look at a unique poetry class in the Bronx for at-risk youth where anything can be said or shared. The film (airing […]

To Be Heard Premieres on Public Television

Premiering on Public Television in January, To Be Heard Three Teens from the Bronx Tell Their Stories of Friendship, Love, and Struggle, Showing How a Radical Poetry Class Can Ignite Change “The film offers more substantive insights into pressing issues of public education and urban poverty than many political commentators muster in a career” – […]

Disadvantaged students share poetry, and intimate details of their lives

Published by Meridith Kolodner | Daily News Staff Writer | Full article can be read here » This is the fourth in an occasional series about the first charter high school in East Harlem. In an age of high stakes testing, a school enrolling some of the city’s most disadvantaged students is offering a course […]

Writing Yourself Out of the Slum

By Marianne Lentz The American schools are in crisis. At one high school in New York’s poorest borough, The Bronx, three passionate people have responded and created their own form of learning outside a system that has left students in the lurch for years. Here they use language and poetry to strengthen the youth’s belief […]

Using Poetry as a Way to Survive

Published by Sharon Otterman | New York Times City Room | Read full article here» A series of recent documentaries about education have offered clear-cut narratives about how to save America’s schools, through policies like increased school choice, or freeing schools from their bureaucratic shackles. But a new education film that made its premiere this […]

New York Times | Op-Ed | First Words

Students from a public high school in the Bronx read poems they wrote to Barack Obama, questioning his promise of change. Click on the video image below to be taken to the New York Times website