Students speak about PW 3

JAKE LABOY Power writing is an experience good for the damaged soul. Relief of the good kind is found here. But it is fun and expressive, giving you something productive to do in the morning. Freedom of expression and good riddance to oppression. BRANDON SMITH Power Writers is an empowered group where your life flows […]

Students speak about PW 2

IMANI IMGRAM If I wanted to be simple I could just say, “Power Writing is very powerful”, but that’s not even brushing the top of what Power Writing is for me, barely scraping the air. Power Writing doesn’t just have one meaning. Power Writing is family, love and hate. Power Writing is listening and learning […]

Students speak about PW 1

The following is a sampling of commentary from our students, past and present. They wrote in response to the following prompt: To all the Power Writers Past & Present… A call for your commentary. As Power Writing moves into our 10th year it’s time to take stock of where you all have gone in your […]

New York Times | Op-Ed | First Words

Students from a public high school in the Bronx read poems they wrote to Barack Obama, questioning his promise of change. Click on the video image below to be taken to the New York Times website